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American Tool Works is a national WaterJet and Precision Machining company. Our specialty is cutting stainless steel, steel, aluminum, titanium, granite and marble. Because of multiple machines with multiple cutting heads, our pricing is very competitive and our lead time is even better.


Our cutting services include materials selection, prototype development, part design manufacturing from a single piece, to short run to batch production to high volume production. We can process a sheet of material with a part accuracy of +/-0.005". This high WaterJet Cutting accuracy is achieved with a smooth, edge profiling finish, eliminating the need for secondary finishing. It also enables tight nesting of different parts and thereby reducing costs through better material utilization.


WaterJet Cutting systems are incredibly efficient and precise. WaterJet Cutting systems permit the cutting of metallic and non-metallic materials without heat for safe, clean cutting. The waterjet cutting process emits no noxious gases or hazardous waste, which allows it to be environmentally friendly. WaterJet Cutting also produces exceptional edge quality and eliminates the need for secondary processing.

Advantages of Water Jet Cutting over other cutting methods:

  • Practically no mechanical, heat induced or chemical influence on the workpiece

  • No transverse loads are caused. This means that workpieces can be finely processed

  • Practically all types of material can be cut

  • Good quality of cutting surface

  • Bridges and separating parts of less than 1mm can be manufactured without difficulty from stiff materials

  • Even complicated contours can be cut

  • Low loss of material

  • There is no need for holes to be prebored (except in the case of sandwich/stacked/laminated materials)

We have the ability to machine intriate parts out of almost any material metals...

WaterJet Cutting is ideal for cutting almost any material. Thicknesses can vary, up to 10” thick in many cases.


Stainless Steel - We are the stainless steel experts! We stock 300 & 400 series, .010" to 4" thick, and all common sizes.


Steel - 1018, 1020, A-36, A514, all common thicknesses from 24 gauge to 4” thick.


Aluminum Alloys - 6061, 2024, 7075, 5052, 3003 and cast tooling plate are all common materials. Thicknesses from .032” to 4”.


We also can supply:














and Exotic Metals, Stone, Plastics, Composites, Glass, Rubber, Ceramics and Ferrous & Non-ferrous metals



No heat-affected zone with superior edge quality

Elimination of secondary finishing; minimal tooling, fixturing and set up required

The ability to operate multiple cutting heads at one to produce individual parts faster and at less expense

We stock many materials up to 4" thick


We also offer design and engineering services, reverse engineering, and fabrication of replacement parts. Let us know how we can help you. Send us your files. We can accept files formats: DWG, PDF, DXF.

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